Brèves & Macrons (Windows 8 NOTE)

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Brèves & Macrons (Windows 8 NOTE)

Unread postby Frank Hoffmann » January 31st, 2013, 9:40 pm

NOTE: The below, posting from 2013 relates to the (now reposted) forum post about keyboard drivers at:

Win 8:
The posted Windows 7 keyboard drivers ( are not 100% compatible with Win 8. As of today (Aug. 26, 2015) Microsoft has not updated its keyboard editing tool "Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator" (MKLC) to produce Windows 8 compatible drivers.

It is possible to install the Win 7 drivers I produced for Windows 8. But the "preview" function does not work (you can't get a keyboard layout window)--otherwise they work fine, as far as I can see after having tested them briefly under Windows 8. The install under Windows 8 itself works as follows:

(1) In order to install any of the "KJ" national keyboard drivers (that include the shortcuts for McCune-Reischauer and Hepburn romanization), you need to FIRST install the regular Win 8 keyboard drivers that these special drivers are based on. That is, FOR EXAMPLE, for the U.S. "KJ" keyboard driver you need to install and activate "United States-International," or for the German one you need to install "German." (NOTE: I see that e.g. installing the "German" one Windows 8 automatically downloads an installer file from the Microsoft website that is about 100 MB large ... and I have no idea why it is so large ... maybe that includes a dictionary?) Start installing the regular keyboard driver you want (*if* not already installed) from the "Languages preferences" link.
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(2) Download the Win 7 keyboard .zip file and decompress it:

(3) After having installed the regular keyboard driver, then follow the INSTALL instructions for the downloaded "KJ" keyboard drivers as given in the README file that comes with these Win 7 KJ drivers. Very likely you have the new "Windows Defender" activated under Windows 8, so you will see a warning when trying to install.
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Click on the "More Info..." link and after that on "Run anyway" button to install.

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MAKE SURE to watch for 'shaking' windows and sounds, if enabled, as the first install window might be sitting on top of the follow-up install process windows; in those you need to twice click "o.k." to complete the installation.
Going back to the "Languages preferences" window you will see that there are now both versions listed.
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You can now (but don't have to!) "remove" the original keyboard driver ... e.g. you can remove "United States-International" using the "Remove" link right to it.

(4) When I tried this install, I had to shut down the Windows 8 PC and then boot it up again in order to see the KJ drivers listed and for them to function correctly. (Not sure if a "restart" would do the same; "restart" and "reboot" are technically not doing the same; I suggest a reboot.)

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Re: Brèves & Macrons (Windows 8 NOTE)

Unread postby gemma » November 25th, 2022, 3:58 am

I should say how much I appreciate this essay and how frequently I use it. I think you'll continue to post above-average stuff here quordle.
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Re: Brèves & Macrons (Windows 8 NOTE)

Unread postby anthonyscotte23 » April 1st, 2023, 4:05 am

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