KOREAN STUDIES Jobs and Scholarships

Most recent postings:

Free-Position Part-Time Lecturer Position in Korean Language at Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures Georgetown University in USA 02/07/2017
Scholarship 2017 KF Fellowship for Postdoctoral Research for North America at Korea Foundation in North America 01/13/2017
Scholarship 2017 KF Fellowship for Graduate Studies for North America at Korea Foundation in North America 01/09/2017
Free-Position Visiting Assistant Professor of Korean Culture and Society at Brown University in Providence, RI 12/16/2016
Free-Position Modern Korean History Position at the University of Hawaii at University of Hawaii at Manoa in USA 10/28/2016
Free-Position Croft Assistant Professor, Anthropology and Korean Studies at University of Mississippi in USA 10/21/2016
Scholarship GEAS PhD positions 2017 at Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin at Katrin Gengenbach in Berlin, Germany 10/19/2016

Most applied to academic jobs

Free-Position PhD positions (East Asia) at Univ. of Duisburg-Essen, Germany in Europe 6 applicants
Scholarship GEAS PhD Fellowship 2014 at GEAS Application Team, Anywhere 3 applicants
Position-Search Looking for a research/teaching job at Curtin University , Anywhere 2 applicants