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_A Reference Grammar of Korean_ by Samuel E. Martin (1992), Rutland and Tokyo: 
C.E. Tuttle Co., covers all aspects of the Korean language and includes an 
important section on phonology, both synchronic and diachronic.

My dissertation, entitled _Korean Consonantal Phonology_ (1974, published as a 
book by Kwangmunsa, 1975, and reprinted by Hanshin Publishing Co.3rd ed., 
1995), and my book, entitled _Studies in Korean Linguistics_ (1986, 2nd ed., 
1992) published by Hanshin, deal with most of the phonological phenomena you 
mention in your e-mail inquiry, except that comparison of Korean and English 
is not the main focus of these books.  There are many other works on Korean 
phonology, which are too numerous to list here, but there is a neat synopsis 
of various research done on Korean phonology in an article entitled "Korean 
Phonology in the Late Twentieth Century" by Young-mee Yu Cho and Greg Iverson, 
in _Language Research_, Vol. 33, No. 4 (1997).
As for the Korean writing system, the first and perhaps the most important 
work on it in English is Gari Ledyard's 1966 University of California, 
Berkeley, dissertation, entitled _The Korean Language Reform of 1446: The 
Origin, Background, and Early History of the Korean Alphabet_, which was 
published in 1998 by Sin'gu Munhwasa in Seoul.  There are of course many, many 
publications on Han'gul by Korean scholars, and Yi HyOn-hi's article, entitled 
"Hunmin ChOng'Um" in _KugO YOn'gu Odikkaji Wanna?_, edited by the Korean 
Language Research Society of the Seoul National University Graduate School, 
1990,  reviews some of the most important ones on the subject.

I myself edited a book which might interest you, and am copying a book notice 
below.  Most serious publications on writing systems of the world include 
Korean now, but this is the only single-volume treatment of the Korean 
alphabet published outside Korea to date.

Best wishes,

Young-Key Kim-Renaud
The George Washington University
Washington, DC 20052
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fax: 1-202-994-1512
e-mail: kimrenau at gwu.edu


THE KOREAN ALPHABET: Its History and Structure
Edited by Young-Key Kim-Renaud, George Washington University

This volume is the first book-length work on han'gul in English. The only
alphabet completely native to East Asia, han'gul was invented in 1443 and
promulgated in 1446 by King Sejong (r. 1418-1450). Han'gul distinguishes
itself among writing systems of the world with its scientific qualities
and unusual linguistic fit to the Korean language. The theoretical
underpinnings of the alphabet, as well as the time and circumstances of
its creation, are clearly known and recorded in the promulgation document
which is accompanied by a scholarly commentary that provides explanations
and examples for teaching the new alphabet.

The book is comprised of ten essays and a commentary by leading scholars
in Korean linguistics. Essay topics include arguments for Sejong's
"personal creation" of the script (Ki-Moon Lee); Asian and domestic
linguistic and socio-cultural background leading to the invention of the
script (Gari Ledyard); principles under which each symbol was created
(Pyong-Hi Ahn, Sang-Oak Lee); sound values and phonological changes of
Korean vis-a-vis the writing system (Sinhang Kang, S. Robert Ramsey);
structure of phonological units represented (Young-Key Kim-Renaud) and
featural analysis of the script (Chin-Wu Kim); systematic presentation of
orthographic divergence between the two Koreas (Ho-min Sohn); and
experimentations with Korean writing in Russia and the USSR (Ross King).
An analytical commentary by Samuel Martin follows, offering insightful
comments on the essays as well as a discussion of Martin's own research
findings on the script.

November 1997 xii, 317 pp.
0-8248-1989-6, cloth $68.00
0-8248-1723-0, paper $39.95
University of Hawaii Press

For more information about titles in language and linguistics from the
University of Hawaii Press, visit their Web site:

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Dear list members,
Would you please kindly help this student?
Yh Lee

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Dear Dr.Young hee Lee

Hello ?
I am Choon tae from Korea, studying DipGrad in linguistics at the
University of Otago this year even if my major was engineering in Korea a
long time ago.
I've been New zealand over 1 year.
I found your name through the Korean course introduction of the University
of auckland.
If you have or know about some helpful Korean Phonology references to
compare with English Phonology for example syllable structure, stress,
assimilation,elision, writing system, the distribution of the phonemes and
major allophones etc., ) could you inform me of it ?
I hope all of you go well.

yours sincerely

Choon tae

Young-Hee Lee
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