[KS] Question RE Cemeteries in North Korea...

cmedlico at ucla.edu cmedlico at ucla.edu
Sat Apr 10 00:06:29 EDT 1999

Dear Members,

        I am a Ph.D student in Geography at UCLA, currently involved in a
historical geography seminar in which we are looking at issues of
commemoration, how memory is constructed through the built-environment.  We
are having a lot of discussion on the "places of the dead."  I have worked
on North Korea quite a bit, and of course I am familiar with material on
such major sites as the Martyrs' Cemetery.  I also have encountered hearsay
about overseas Koreans being taken to see what are ostensibly the graves of
separated family members.  But I have never seen any papers on such issues
as public cemeteries or the funeral industry in general.  Indeed, I had not
ever thought about it until now.  Does anyone have any insights or suggestions?

        Carol Medlicott
        UCLA Department of Geography
        cmedlico at ucla.edu


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