[KS] On Silhak(practical Philosophy)

Jong-Hwa Shin syreg at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 12 12:49:30 EST 1999

Dear Members

How are you? I am planing to do research on Silhak philosophy for 
identifying philosophical and moral responses in the era of introduction of 
Western World-views in the 19th Century.  For this reason, I am looking for 
original writings by Silhak philosophers, especially, Chung Yak-Yong, Choi 
Han-Ki in English (or French)for discussion and possible seminars with 
colleagues. Also, Korean edition (or Original Chinese one) as reference for 
my-self. Could you please let me know bibliographical information for the 
writings, and whether or not some of them are available in the internet, as 
PDF files or other forms? I believe that some of writings by Chung Yak-yong 
be already available in translation, and  I hope that Choi Han-Ki's writings 
could be translated. And any paper written in English or French which is 
dealing with both authors are welcome as well. It will be greatly 
appreciated for any advice on this matter. Thank you in advance.

Best regards

SHIN Jong-Hwa

European University Institute
Florence, Italy

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