[KS] Japanese influence on KAEHWAP`A leaders

Treffert-Myojin Ralph treffert_myojin at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 15 00:59:05 EST 1999

Dear members,

this is the first time I`m joining this list.
I would like to do some research on the enlightenment thinking of the 
leaders of KAPSHIN JONGBYON at the end of choson dynasty especially in 
comparison to the thinkings of japanese thinkers that time - focusing on 
Fukuzawa Yukichi.  My special interest lays on the reception of Fukuzawas 
thinking in Korea.  Therefore I am wondering, if anybody could give me some 
advice, where to find announcements (critics?) on Fukuzawa within Korea.
Fukuzawas influence on Yu Kiljuns "Soyu kyonmun" and Pak Yonghyo is 
wellknown.  But I consider, there is something more.
If there is already some research done in western languages, please let me 

Hear from you,                        Ralph Treffert-Myojin

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