[KS] Using han'gul fonts

Waters, David dwaters at WILLKIE.COM
Sun Nov 7 13:45:37 EST 1999

(I know similar questions have been dealt with in the past, but considering
the rapid changes in technology and software, I am posting this one again.)

Using Windows and Netscape, what are the preferred ways of reading and doing
searches of Korean-language sites (chosun ilbo, etc.).  I have tried Union
Way and Korean Partner, neither of which I have been particularly happy
with.  With Union Way I have trouble printing more than one page at a time,
and Korean Partner seems to have all kinds of bugs which extend to other
applications.  Also, the fonts are not particularly readable with
either(maybe because I can't figure out how to change them).  I have heard
that with Internet Explorer there is a Korean font plug-in, but haven't been
able to find an equivalent for Netscape.  

What suggestions do others have?  

David Waters
Washington, DC


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