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Tue Nov 16 09:48:19 EST 1999

Hello members,

Sorry to bother you with these questions, but..., doing some reading on the 
American-Korean conflit in 1871 I came across a reference to one of the 
Korean military officers receiving his orders by the "Three Bell Messenger", 
does anyone have any idea what this was.  Was it an actual bell system or 
was it just a title?

My second question concerns Levy (sp?) Brown, the Head of Customs during the 
late Chosun period.  I understand that he took measures to ensure that 
customs were collected and that smuggling was cut down.  I know that there 
was a naval school established by the British on Kangwha Island during the 
early 1890s but was later stopped and abandoned because of the Sino-Japanese 
war.  What did the Customs office use to combat the smuggling?  As far as I 
know the first real ship that they had was the Yongmuho bought in the later 
part of the 1890s.  I know that there were some small steamers that the 
Koreans had and that these were sometimes used by the military as in the 
case of the Chejudo problems during the same time period.  If so what were 
these ships armed with?

My third question:  In 1884, just prior to the Coup attempt, the Japaense 
gave Korea a small steamer, any idea what happened to it, what its name was 
and what about the two artillery pieces?  Also the 4,000 rifles that were 
ordered and received, why weren't they used by the "reformist" along with 
the artillery pieces?

Would appreciate any help that any of you might be able to offer.


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