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Charles Muller acmuller at human.toyogakuen-u.ac.jp
Wed Nov 17 04:53:42 EST 1999

On Korean IME,

Joshua wrote:

> I beg to differ. The Global IMEs work just fine with Word 2000. Indeed,
> of the underlying components in the programs you mentioned are the same.

I was going to say the same sort of thing. I have used it a lot, and when
there were occasional problems, it was always because a conflicting
application (like another IME) was running at the same time. I haven't heard
of any consistent problem such as was described.


Charles Muller

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> don't think it's appropriate for you to make such a blanket statement
> the functionality of the product based upon your own limited experience.
> I am sure everyone would agree, computers are rather complicated and it's
> not so easy to say what the source of the particular problems you
> experienced are. The kinds of problems you described are not the type that
> would be caused by something like a Global IME, which is esentially just
> ActiveX control. It's more likely that the real source lies elsewhere --
> maybe a bug in Word or Windows!
> Josh
> > Microsoft's Korean IME works fine with Internet Explorer and Outlook
> > Express. But it does not work with Word 2000 (Microsoft claims it does).
> > tried Korean IME with Word 2000. It worked fine for a while but caused
> > serious problems later, corrupting my Word registry, causing an invalid
> > page fault, etc. Therefore, I advise you not to use it with Word 2000,
> > until Microsoft comes up with a fix. I have been using Twinbridge Korean
> > Partner and, despite some problems (indirect input method, occasional
> > of some characters), have been relatively satisfied with it. Hope this
> > helps.
> >
> > Sunhyuk Kim


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