[KS] Re: CFP, Occasional Papers Vol. 5

KAHS kahs at arkay-intl.com
Fri Nov 19 13:49:18 EST 1999


My apolologies for that huge attachment yesterday; particularly to Charles
Muller and Didier Barbas who took the time to say what everyone else must
have been thinking.

I'm very, very, sorry about including that attachment with my post; I wasn't
thinking when I sent that one out.

Matthew Benuska, KAHS

> on 19/11/99 04:26, KAHS at kahs at arkay-intl.com wrote:
>> Call for Papers
>> Korean American Historical Society
>> Occasional Papers, Vol. 5, 2000
> A 280-Kb-attachment? Are you crazy or something? This list is a DISCUSSION
> list that should not provide unwanted stuff like this.
> Didier Barbas


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