[KS] Re: Using han'gul fonts

T.Han taehwan at hawaii.edu
Tue Nov 16 19:46:59 EST 1999

I am sorry for causing some confusion. What I meant by "IE 5.0" is
Internet Explorer 5.0, which is distributed by Microsoft for free. The
browser is widely available along with Netscape. Please go to
Microsoft.com and "download."

Again, I have no relationship with Microsoft, and neither condone nor
condemn the company in my suggestion.  I am just using it because it goes 
with my Windows '98 pretty well. 

Taehwan Han

On Tue, 16 Nov 1999, John Holstein wrote:

> I'm sure there are people on this list who would love to know the full name of
> the "IE 5.0" program that T. Han introduced.
> "T.Han" wrote:
> > I have to agree with Charles Muller. I had a similar dilemma whether to
> > change to Korean Windows or not. The problem is partly solved when I
> > upgraded to
> > IE 5.0 (No Relationship with Microsoft!). When you install, there are two
> > choices, typical (or standard?) install and custom install. Choose custom
> > install, and check Korean IME and Korean (Chinese and Japanese if
> > necessary) in options dialogue box. That's
> > it! After you install Korean IME, it works like Korean Windows system when
> > you brouse web. At your right-bottom of your screen, you will see mini
> > icon, "En". If you click and choose Korean IME, you can read and input
> > Korean. I tested in Outlook (e-mail program). I can read and write Korean
> > with no problem.


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