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Charles Muller acmuller at human.toyogakuen-u.ac.jp
Tue Nov 9 05:05:52 EST 1999

Just to get back to a simple answer to the initial question:

> Using Windows and Netscape, what are the preferred ways of reading and
> searches of Korean-language sites (chosun ilbo, etc.).

If you are using any version of Windows 98 (Korean, English, Japanese,
etc.), and you download the free Korean font package from Microsoft (also
included in the Far East add-ons in Office 97 & 2000), you should be able to
browse Han'gul pages in Netscape and Internet Explorer versions 4.0 and
newer (go to the "Windows Update" page from the Microsoft main page). You
may have to play around with the font settings and encoding settings on the
browser, but you don't need to buy anything extra.  Of course, if you want
to write han'gul on non-Korean platforms, there is a range of options, most
of which have already been discussed.

As those who have noted the advent of Windows 2000 have pointed out, the
problems of mixing international scripts is going to fall away rapidly in
the coming year.

BTW, anyone who would like to test how their browser handles mixed
international fonts, including diacritics, might want to play around with
some of the files in my online dictionary of East Asian Buddhism, the text
of which is comprised of Chinese, Japanese (katakana), Korean, and the full
gamut of diacritics for Indic and Tibetan romanization. All the files are in
Unicode (utf-8) format. See


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