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Didier Barbas db at ccifc.com
Thu Nov 18 22:22:43 EST 1999

on 19/11/99 09:40, T.Han at taehwan at hawaii.edu wrote:

> I hope I do not make list members bored, asking similar question over and
> over. Since the subject is brought up, I would like to have correct
> information.
> Does the Mac OS (Korean Language Kit) do better in terms of
> exporting/importing files (i.e. reading PC's hwp or doc files)?
> Thank you for your patience.
> Taehwan Han
You're not being a bore AND I am happy people finally remembered that
Macintosh exists...
Let's clarify something first: Language Kits (Korean, Japanese, Hebrew, etc)
don't do anything but provide you with tools for inputing and printing
(screen and hard-copy) 'exotic' languages. Period. They have nothing to do
with importing and exporting files. Contrarily to PCs/Windoze, you can have
several kits installed at the same time, input several languages in one
document, and print everything out, while using your national version of Mac
Now, concerning .hwp and .doc (.rtf, etc) files. Western versions of MS Word
for Mac behave VERY badly with 2-byte scripts. However, if you need just to
copy/paste the text somewhere else (Quark Xpress, Simple Text, Claris Works,
HWP 97, etc), it works. Don't try drag'n'drop. Claris Works used to have
filters for HWP 2.0. I don't know (and actually don't care to know) whether
an update is available, mostly because there is a Mac version of HWP 97, and
it works. I don't like that software, but nobody asked me to do so, and it
is useful sometimes, though. Cheap too.
As for Windoze MS Office files on Mac, Macs read both PC diskettes and
Windoze MS Office file formats.

Hope that helps. Contact me privately if you need to know more (I can bore
YOU to death on this subject).

Didier Barbas


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