[KS] Re: Using han'gul fonts

Joshua Margolis jmargoli at nimbus.ocis.temple.edu
Mon Nov 8 19:17:50 EST 1999

If it's only for Web browsing, I'd just use Internet Explorer with the
free Korean language pack add-on. That should let you view and input
Korean, though the input method editor is not as powerful as the one that
comes with Korean Windows. My experience having used Korean Windows 95 and
now 98 is that it's the only way to go if you're doing more than just Web
browsing and occasional e-mail. Windows 2000 is due out in mid-February.
That will add Asian language capability to all versions of Windows, not
with the more limited ActiveX-based Global IMEs, but with the full IMEs
that come with the localized versions of Windows. Based upon my experience
with Windows 2000 Beta 3, the Korean IME is the same as that which ships
with Windows 98. Incidentally, if anyone also has a need for Chinese
(particularly traditional Chinese) or Japanese input, you'll really
appreciate the IMEs in Windows 2000 over the Global IMEs that you can add
onto Internet Explorer. The Japanese one is far and away the most
impressive IME I have ever seen. For Chinese, there are actually several
to choose from. My personal favorite is the New Phonetic IME. Version 98a
can be downloaded from Microsoft's Taiwan Web site. I actually installed
it into Korean Windows 98 even though it's intended as an upgrade to the
IME that comes with traditional Chinese Windows. Works quite nicely.


On Tue, 9 Nov 1999, Brother Anthony wrote:

>Sorry, but the original question was about Web browsing, search engines,
>using Netscape or Explorer, not about word processing programs like
>Word. If a full version of Unionway is not up to it (the free download
>certainly does not seem very strong, though better than nothing) I
>suspect that the only answer is to install Korean Windows. Are there
>people out there who have used Korean Windows 98 long enough to tell us
>if it works properly? Alternatives?
>Br Anthony
>Sogang University, Seoul


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