[KS] Re: NAKL's New Romanization Proposal

didier barbas db at ccifc.com
Tue Nov 30 09:08:10 EST 1999

on 30/11/99 21:49, otfried at cs.ust.hk at otfried at cs.ust.hk wrote:

> EO and EU have been called ugly.  I find that hard to follow.  WU and
> YE for /u/ and /e/ in Yale romanization are far uglier, and still Yale
> is used routinely by linguists.  But of course I'm prejudiced---look
> at my last name.
/u/ and /e/ are WU and EY, BTW. They are neither ugly nor beautiful, they
are phonological. You find 'em ugly? Then Korean must be ugly. /w-/ in WU is
to show it's a rounded vowel, as you might know. /ey/ is just what it is,
two vowels, that happen to be pronounced as one - umlaut, remember? Seeing
Ceng as your family name does lead me to think you're biased, but not
because of /eo/...
Didier Barbas


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