[KS] Re: Korean poetry

Brother Anthony anthony at ccs.sogang.ac.kr
Sun Nov 7 19:37:44 EST 1999

Well, it depends on just what it is you're looking for. The easiest
method is probably to go into the Library of Congress online catalogue
and do a subject search, or the catalogue of some other big library with
good Korea-related holdings. Frank Hoffmann is just completing a CD-Rom
Korean Studies Bibliography at Harvard which would provide a lot of
information. There's also the much too hastily published "Bibliographies
of Korean Literature in Foreign Languages" compiled by Hung-gyu Kim and
published 1998 by Korea Translation Foundation and Institute of Korean
Culture, Korea University ISBN 89-7155-041-4. A number of poets are
included in the volumes of "Korea Journal" (Korean UNESCO) and in
"Korean Literature Today" (Korean PEN / KCAF) which has an online index:
while modesty will hardly allow me to indicate the online list of my own

Brother Anthony (Prof. An Sonjae)
Sogang University, Seoul


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