[KS] Re: Using han'gul fonts

Joshua Margolis jmargoli at nimbus.ocis.temple.edu
Mon Nov 8 19:42:28 EST 1999

I think Unionway is really designed for Chinese rather than Korean or
Japanese. I never really thought it was a very good choice for adding
Han'gul support.

I did want to add one thing, though, in case anyone was considering it as
an option. Assuming there has been no update since version 3.0b, do NOT
purchase Hanme Hangul for Windows 95. It is not compatible with most
applications these days. The company has been aware of the problem for a
long time but seems either unwilling or (more likely) unable to do
anything about it since they never came up with an update to address the
issue. Personally, I don't see how they can still market the product in
good conscience, but they do. Just be aware that if you're using software
that's newer than four years old, Hanme Hangul probably won't work with
it. And even when it did work properly, it didn't support EUC-KR encoding,
just KSC wansung.


On Tue, 9 Nov 1999, John Holstein wrote:

>My experience with Unionway was very discouraging and, in the end, a waste
>of time and money. The trial version had several problems but showed some
>promise. I hoped that these problems would be at least minimized in the full
>version, so I purchased it (CD-ROM). I had even more problems with the full
>version, mainly fonts. Unionway support was slow and ineffectual, so I
>finally gave up (and lost money).
>Brother Anthony wrote:
>> Sorry, but the original question was about Web browsing, search engines,
>> using Netscape or Explorer, not about word processing programs like
>> Word. If a full version of Unionway is not up to it (the free download
>> certainly does not seem very strong, though better than nothing) I
>> suspect that the only answer is to install Korean Windows. Are there
>> people out there who have used Korean Windows 98 long enough to tell us
>> if it works properly? Alternatives?
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