[KS] a documentary evidence on Kissinger's veiw?

Yi, Hyunhwee spcltn at gmail.com
Sat Oct 4 21:46:44 EDT 2014

Dear sirs.

Regarding Kissinger's view on Korean War, I would like to ask you a
question. In his *On China *(New York: The Penguin Press, 2011), p. 132,
Kissinger said like this: "As a result, the outcome of the American
military strategy was inevitably going to be at best an armistice along
whatever dividing line emerged - along the Yalu River, which denoted the
border between North Korea and China, if American design prevailed; along
some other agreed line if China intervened or the United States stopped
unilaterally short of Korea's northern frontier (for example, at the 38th
line or *at a line, Pyongyang to Wonsan, which emerged later in a Mao
message to Zhou*)." (emphasis added).

Are there any documentary evidence supporting Kissinger's view underlined
above?  Kissinger did not give us documentary evidence.

Best regards,
Yi, Hyunhwee.
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