[KS] Ch'oe Cha's SamgyOng-bu poem and, separately, dolmen

Andrew zatouichi at gmail.com
Sun Oct 12 07:58:52 EDT 2014

Dear all,

Two questions:

Could anyone suggest how I might obtain a copy of Ch'oe Cha's (崔慈) poem
which is either named *SamgyOng-bu *(三京賦) or *Samdo-bu* (三都賦), referred to
in Breuker's book as prefiguring "much of the Tan'gun myth (notes 49 and 57
of Chapter 3 in Breuker 2010. *Establishing a Pluralist Society in Medieval
Korea*) ?

The poem doesn't show up well in internet searches, and when it does it is
most often referring to similarly named Chinese works.

According to Breuker (2010), it is in the *TongmunsOn* (東文選) - which
unfortunately we do not have in our library - so really my question is: is
there any online version of the
*TongmunsOn* not behind a 회원가입 wall?

Does anyone know of premodern references to dolmen megaliths? In
particular, pre- C18th Silhak references (though these are also of
interest) ?

I feel like I've read something on this question before, but cannot think
where. If so, it was probably attributed to Dasan.

If there are premodern references to dolmen, what term did they use?

Apologies that these are rather basic research questions, but thank-you in
advance for any thoughts.

Andrew Logie
(University of Helsinki)
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