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Agnieszka Smiatacz magnesmerald at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Oct 16 10:12:44 EDT 2014

Dear All,

The Academy of Korean Studies will hold a conference on Korean migrant women in the USA in the 1920-1930s.
Anyone interested in the topic is most welcome.
Here's the program:

Title: Across the Pacific Ocean – Korean Women in the Early 20th Century
[A Study on the Modern Era Migration and Education of Korean Women in the USA (I)]

Date: October, 21st, 2014 (Tuesday) 10:00am-16:40pm
Venue: The Academy of Korean Studies, Jangseogak Royal Archives Building, Seminar 
        Room (1st floor)

• Opening speech
• Congratulatory address
Part 1 
Focusing on Home Education: Change of Category and Gender Norms in the 19th Century Female Education [Kor]
_Speaker: Jeong Hae-Eun (AKS)
Entry of Korean Picture Brides in the Conflicts between the Immigration Policies of Two Empires [Eng]
_Kei Tanaka (Tokyo Keizai University)
The Immigrant Life of Cheon Yeon-Hee, a Korean Picture Bride, in Hawaii [Eng]
_Lee Dukhee Murabayashi (Korean Immigration Research Institute in Hawaii)

Lunch break

Part 2 
The Korean Picture Bride Movement to Hawaii, 1910-1924: Pre-Arrival [Eng]
_Wayne Patterson (St. Norbert College)
The Entry of the Korean Picture Brides: Anti-Japanese Movement in the United States and the Arrival of the Picture Brides [Kor]
_Kim Ji-Won (Myongji University)

Tea break

Social and Economic Activities of Korean Picture Brides [Kor]
_Kim Jeom-Sook (Myongji University)
The National Culture Awareness of Korean Women Students in the USA in the 1920-30s: Focusing on Helen Kim [Kor]
_Kim Sung-Eun (Daegu Haany University)
Coffee break
Discussion(All Participants)

To reach AKS (www.aks.ac.kr), take the bus 9003 from Seoul Stn./Euljiro-1-ga Stn. or 9004 from Kangnam Stn.
Subway and bus: take the yellow Bundang Line and take the bus 220 in Sunae Stn.

Best wishes,
A. Smiatacz

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