[KS] Publication Announcement: The Journal of Northeast Asian History (Issue 11, Volume 1)

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Publication Announcement: The Journal of Northeast Asian History (Issue 11,
Volume 1)

We are pleased to announce that the latest issue of *The Journal of
Northeast Asian History* has just been published. Please visit the
Northeast Asian History Foundation's English language website (uploaded
under ‘Publication’ in the ‘Resources’ category at
http://www.historyfoundation.or.kr/eng/) to view the articles and book
reviews. The latest issue’s table of contents is as follows.


Sven Saaler

Naval Memorials in Germany and Japan: Narratives of a "Clean War"
Represented in Public Space

Ying Xiong

Constraint Novelty: Literature and "National Concordance" in Manchukuo

James I. Matray

Casualty of the Cold War: The Cairo Declaration and Its Historical Legacy
in Northeast Asia

*<Research Trends>*

Mathieu Gotteland

The Place of Japan among Tianjin's Occupiers as Defined through the
1923-1924 and 1930 Combined Action Plans

William B. Noseworthy

Water Works Trans-regionally: Southeast Asian Networks of Migration,
Culture, and Trade in the History of the South China Sea

*<Book Reviews>*

Park Jun-hyeong

*The Han Commanderies in Early Korean History: A Reconsideration of the Han
Commanderies from a Broader East Asian Perspective*

Hang Lin

*Knowledge and Text Production in an Age of Print: China, 900-1400*

Edward Rhoads

*Re-Orienting the Manchus: A Study of Sinicization, 1583-1795*

George Kallander

*Voice from the North: Resurrecting Regional Identity through the Life and
Works of Yi Sihang (1672-1736)*

Juljan Biontino

*Völkerrechtsdenken und Außenpolitik in Japan, 1919-1960*

Miriam Kingsberg

*Constructing East Asia: Technology, Ideology, and Empire in Japan's
Wartime Era, 1931-1945*

Kenton Clymer

*The Cold War in East Asia, 1945-1991*

Robert Stolz

*Anarchist Modernity: Cooperatism and Japanese-Russian Intellectual
Relations in Modern Japan*

Zhiguang Yin

*The Challenge of Linear Time: Nationhood and the Politics of History in
East Asia*

*The Journal of Northeast Asian History* is a peer-reviewed journal that
focuses on interdisciplinary and comparative approaches to such issues as
borders, identity, historical maps, history education, international
relations, and other topics. In addition to this thematic diversity, the
Journal’s geographical scope extends to other parts of Asia and beyond,
thus inviting scholarly engagement in rethinking globalism and localism.

*The Journal of Northeast Asian History* welcomes the submission of
competitive and challenging papers for review and possible publication.

Please contact us at jnah at nahf.or.kr or jnah.nahf at gmail.com should you have
any questions regarding the journal, its submission process or subscription
to it.
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