[KS] Diagrams in Yun Hyu's Paekho chŏnsŏ

Guy Shababo guyshababo at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 22 15:30:47 EDT 2014

Dear Koreanists, 


Kwŏn 35 of Yun Hyu's Paekho
chŏnsŏ 白湖全書 contains diagrams that I need for my dissertation research. The
Paekho chŏnsŏ was compiled in 1974, and a newer version was created in 1995.
The diagrams collected there are all redrawn and are not facsimiles of the
original image. Those diagrams are not part of the Paekhojib 白湖集. Moreover, they do not come with any
introductory text or clue as to their creation. 
Does anyone know where I might
be able to find the original diagrams ?
Thank you, 
Guy S. ShababoPhD student (Korean studies)University of British Columbia
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