[KS] Friday, October 3 at UC Berkeley (Sohl Lee): "Art of the Korean Division: Imagined Unification, Ethical Subjectivity, and Crow’s Eye View"

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*The Center for Korean Studies*

*University of California, Berkeley*

*Cordially invites you to the following symposium*

*Note: The Center for Korean Studies has moved to a new location (1995
University Avenue, Suite 510R).  Unless otherwise noted, all events will be
held at Doe Library, Room 180.  *

Art of the Korean Division: Imagined Unification, Ethical Subjectivity, and
Crow’s Eye View

Colloquium: Center for Korean Studies: Institute of East Asian Studies |*
October 3 | 4 p.m.* | 180 Doe Library

Speaker: *Sohl Lee* <http://art.stonybrook.edu/faculty/sohl-lee/>, Assistant
Professor of Contemporary East Asian Art, Stony Brook University

Sponsor: Center for Korean Studies (CKS) <http://ieas.berkeley.edu/cks/>

This talk is inspired by one of the foremost South Korean literary critics,
Paik Nak-chung, who theorized “division system (pundan ch’aeje)” and
“division reality (pundan hyŏnsil)” as the ultimate logics organizing
social formation and reality in Korea. Following the epistemological shift
in South Korean artists’ North Korea-related endeavors—from the pictorial
representation of “the Korean nation as one” (by 1980s dissident artists)
to the introduction of double or multiple-frame and ethical
dis-identification between the South and the North (starting from the
1990s, especially during the Sunshine Policy era of 1998-2007) and a
provocative exhibition of the 20th-century inter-Korean architecture
history (2014)—this talk will posit the “reality of division” not as a
historical reality to overcome but as an effective model of democracy, a
pure manifestation of democratic antagonism that has productively
influenced the history of contemporary Korean art.

Photo caption: Installation view, Crow's Eye View: The Korean Peninsula,
Korea Pavilion at the 14th International Architecture Exhibition - la
Biennale di Venezia. Courtesy of the 2014 Korean Pavilion.

Event Contact: cks at berkeley.edu, 510-642-5974


*And other upcoming events...*

International Politics in East Asia: Abe's Diplomacy - Global and Regional

Colloquium: Center for Japanese Studies | *October 9 | 4:30 p.m.* | Faculty
Club <http://www.berkeley.edu/map/googlemap/?facultyclub>, Seaborg Room

Speaker: *Akihiko Tanaka*
<http://www.jica.go.jp/english/about/president/profile.html>, President, Japan
International Cooperation Agency <http://www.jica.go.jp/english/index.html>

Sponsors: Institute of East Asian Studies (IEAS) <http://ieas.berkeley.edu/>
, Center for Japanese Studies (CJS) <http://ieas.berkeley.edu/cjs>, Center
for Korean Studies (CKS) <http://ieas.berkeley.edu/cks>,Consulate General
of Japan in San Francisco <http://www.sf.us.emb-japan.go.jp/>

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has visited more countries than any previous
prime minister of Japan. On the other hand, one could point out conspicuous
omission in his itinerary: China and South Korea. How do we explain Abe's
active global diplomacy and strained relations between Japan and its
immediate neighbors? History issues and differences over territories are
obviously relevant to explain the current international relations in
Northeast Asia. But Abe's "globe-trotting diplomacy" cannot be reduced to
reactive responses to the increasing influence of China globally. Tanaka
will discuss more fundamental, long-term interests of Japan that can
explain Mr. Abe's diplomacy.

*Akihiko Tanaka* is President of the Japan International Cooperation Agency
<http://www.jica.go.jp/english/index.html> (JICA). Before assuming the
present post, he was Professor of International Politics at the
Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies and at the Institute for
Advanced Studies on Asia, the University of Tokyo. Most recently he was
Vice President of the University of Tokyo (2011-2012), Executive Vice
President of the University of Tokyo (2009-2011), and Director of the
Division of International Affairs of the University of Tokyo (2008-2010).

He obtained his B.A. in International Relations at the University of Tokyo
in 1977 and his Ph.D. in Political Science at Massachusetts Institute of
Technology in 1981.

Mr. Tanaka’s specialties include theories of international politics,
contemporary international relations in East Asia, and Japan’s foreign
policy. He has numerous books and articles in Japanese and English
including the New Middle Ages: The World System in the 21st Century (Tokyo:
The International House of Japan, 2002).

He received the Medal with Purple Ribbon for his academic achievements in

Event Contact: cjs-events at berkeley.edu, 510-642-3415


Kyung-sook Shin and Korean Literature

Conference/Symposium: Center for Korean Studies |* October 24 | 2 p.m.
*| Alumni
House <http://www.berkeley.edu/map/googlemap/?alumniHouse>, Toll Room

Featured Speaker: *Kyung-sook Shin*, Award Winning Author

Sponsor: Center for Korean Studies (CKS) <http://ieas.berkeley.edu/cks/>

This special symposium, attended by award-winning author Kyung-sook Shin,
will focus on the impact of her works on the global stage. The event
culminates with a one-on-one conversation with the author, Q&A session, and
book signing.


*2:00-2:10 Welcome Remarks*
Laura Nelson, Chair, Center for Korean Studies, UC Berkeley
Youngmin Kwon, Visiting Professor, East Asian Languages and Cultures, UC

*2:10-3:00 “On Modern and Contemporary Korean Fiction”*
Speaker: Christopher P. Hanscom, Professor of Korean Literature, UCLA

*3:00-4:45 Panel on East Asian Literature, Translation, and Publication*
Chair: Daniel O’Neill, Assistant Professor of Japanese Literature, UC
Bruce Fulton, Young-Bin Min Chair in Korean Literature, University of
British Columbia
Jiwon Shin, Professor Korean Literature, Arizona State University
Ha-yun Jung, Professor, Graduate School of Translation and Interpretation,
Marcella Marini, Editor, Sellerio

*4:45 Coffee Break*

*5:00-6:00 A Dialogue with Kyung-sook ShinShin Kyung-sook, Novelist*
Laura Nelson, Chair, Center for Korean Studies

6:00-7:30 Reception and Book Signing in Alumni House

Kyung-sook Shin is one of South Korea’s the most widely read and acclaimed
novelists. She graduated from Seoul Institute of the Arts, and won the
Munye Joongang New Author Prize for her first novella, Winter Fables,
starting her career as a writer at the age of 22.

Since then Shin has published seven novels including Deep Sorrow, A Lone
Room, The Train Departs at 7, Violet, Lee Jin, Please Look After Mom and
I’ll Be Right There, nine short story collections, and three essay
collections as well.

Her writing is characterized by a profound point of view focusing on the
human mind, a resonating and colorful style utilizing symbolism and
metaphor, and an expressive and heartfelt narrative style. Setting social
changes and political situations as the backdrops of her works, Shin mainly
looks inwards at humans’ psychological wounds and difficulty in reconciling
themselves to their present and future.

Please Look After Mom has been translated into more than thirty languages.
It is Shin’s first book to appear in English and it has been met with
critical acclaim; since its publication, it has sold over 2 million copies
worldwide. Shin became the first Korean and first woman to receive the Man
Asian Literary Prize for the English translation of Please Look After Mom
in 2011.

I’ll Be Right There has been published in a number of countries, including
the US, Spain, China, Poland, Italy, and Norway, and the English edition
was published in June 2014. It has been received rave reviews by media
outlets including the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, the Guardian,
Kirkus Reviews, and Publishers Weekly and put on must-read lists in many
countries. It was included in the list of “30 Books You Need To Read in
2014” by the Huffington Post. It was also named as “the best foreign
literature in the 21st Century” in China and “the best book of the winter
2012” in Poland.

Shin has been honored with the Man Asian Literary Prize, the Manhae Prize,
the Dong-in Literary Award, the Yi Sang Literary Prize, and France’s Prix
de l’Inaperçu in 2009 for the French translation of her work, A Lone Room
(La Chambre Solitaire), as well as the Ho-Am Prize in the Arts, awarded for
her body of work for general achievement in Korean culture and the arts.
She was a visiting scholar at Columbia University in 2011 and has been
serving as goodwill ambassador for UNICEF. Since her international success
with Please Look After Mom, Shin has been participating in many
international events for writers as a speaker.

Event Contact: cks at berkeley.edu, 510-642-5674

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