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Dear list members,

We are delighted to announce the publication of the Summer 2014 issue (vol.
54, no. 2) of the *Korea Journal.*

Various interesting topics, spanning Korean history from before the Three
Kingdoms period to the present day, are thoroughly and insightfully
investigated in this season’s issue of the *Korea Journal*. The autumn 2014
issue (vol. 54, no. 3) is perhaps notable for its focus on late 19th and
early 20th century Korea, the colonial period, which is explored from no
less than three unique perspectives – the British public, colonial-era
lawmakers, and Korean expats living in California. Other diverse topics
covered include causes of the low birth rate in South Korea, global
citizenship from the South Korean perspective, and the unique history of
the Andong Protectorate after the fall of Goguryeo. This issue contains six
peer-reviewed articles and two book reviews.

In the first article, author Hans Schattle analyzes South Koreans’ view on
global citizenship by drawing evidence from recent academic documents and
public statements.

The second article by Jong-pil Yoon and Hyun-sook Park describes the view
of Korea held by the British people in the late 19th century, and the
prejudices and assumptions through which that view was formed.

The third article by Jiwon Kim explores the socioeconomic advancement of
Korean immigrants in California through rice farming from 1905 to 1920.
Facing discriminatory laws and attitudes in America, Korean expats’ best
recourse was rice farming, and the methods that they took to succeed at it
were unique among Californian farmers.

In the fourth article, Hongsik Yoon investigates potential causes of the
low fertility rate in South Korea. Through analysis of data from a 2009
nationwide survey, the impact of various factors on women’s decisions to
have children is explored.

The fifth article, written by Jong-bok Kim, is about the unique position of
the Andong Protectorate as a buffer zone between Silla, Balhae, and Tang in
the 8th to 10th centuries, maintaining peace between the warring powers of
the Korean peninsula and northeast region of China.

Lastly, Young-ho Lee examines the land reforms conducted by the Korean
government in the late 19th century and the colonial land legislation
established by the Japanese government at least partly on the basis of
those reforms.

This issue of the *Korea Journal* includes a book review by Namhee Lee of
Henry Em’s *The Great Enterprise: Sovereignty and Historiography in Modern
Korea*, an account of the history of history writing and the development of
Korean nationalism in modern Korea.  Also included is a book review by Mark
E. Caprio of Yumi Moon’s *The Massacres at Mt. Halla: Sixty Years of Truth*,
which covers the Jeju 4.3 Incident from its tragic occurrence in 1948 to
the present-day fruition of activists’ decades-long struggle to bring
recognition to the event and recompense its victims.

The contents of this issue are as follows:



Mediating Love of Humanity, Love of Country, and Love of Culture: *A
Comparison of Normative* *Debates on Global Citizenship in South Korea
and* *the
United States*

Jong-pil YOON and Hyun-sook PARK

An Unfamiliar Other within the Uncivilized Other: *Korea as Depicted by
Late Nineteenth-Century* *British Newspapers*

Jiwon KIM

Korean Immigrants’ Socioeconomic Adjustment in California (1905-1920):
in Rice* *Farming and Subsequent Advancement during the World War I Rice

Hongsik YOON

Factors that Affect Women’s Intentions to Have Additional Children: *The
Role of the State, Market, and Family*

KIM Jong-bok

A Buffer Zone for Peace: *Andong Protectorate and Diplomatic Relations
between Silla, Balhae, and Tang in the 8th to 10th Centuries*

LEE Young-ho

Land Reform and Colonial Land Legislation in Korea, 1894-1910


Namhee LEE

*The Great Enterprise: Sovereignty and Historiography in Modern Korea*

By Henry Em


*The Massacres at Mt. Halla: Sixty Years of Truth*

By Yumi Moon

We would like to take this opportunity to remind all of you that we always
welcome submissions of articles and book reviews in the field of Korean
studies. For further information on submission guidelines, please refer to
the journal's web page: http://www.ekoreajournal.net/submission/index.htm.

All the best,

Korea Journal
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