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Hello again:

Sine there was no response yet -- after looking more into this 
(relationship of Chemulp'o 濟物浦 and Inch'ŏn 仁川), my understand is 
at this point as follows:

1. Inch'ŏn is the older place name.
2. Chemulp'o as such was a newly invented name (whose Chinese 
characters already point to trading) for the newly build harbor, one of 
the three open ports, which was at the same time the settlement for 
foreigners. (See below map from 1895). 
3. Chemulp'o disappeared as a political and administrative unit when 
the 'open port' system disappered. (Was that in 1905, or only in 1910?)

My understanding thus far is that it would therefore be misleading to 
say that Chemulp'o is the old name of Inch'ŏn.

If I got something wrong, or if you have other comments, kindly post. 


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Frank Hoffmann

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