Looking for visually impaired Korean-language learners

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Looking for visually impaired Korean-language learners

Unread postby gjinchoi » July 23rd, 2021, 2:53 am

This is Professor Gwon-Jin Choi of Inha University, who is developing a textbook for beginners in Braille Korean for visually impaired Korean learners at the request of King Sejong Institute Foundation.
In order to make good textbooks, I would like to find blind learners who are learning or have learned Korean and to conduct real-time online interviews.
If you can help me by participating in my interview, or if you know someone who can help, please contact me at gjinchoi@hanmail.net.
Thank you in advance for your interest.
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Re: Looking for visually impaired Korean-language learners

Unread postby christinemarrd » December 13th, 2021, 12:34 am

The recommendations for good practice listed above are designed to make course content and techniques more available to visually impaired students. Better access for students with visual impairments would also assist other students with diverse teaching styles and problems. That’s all the things I can say about this topic. By the way, I also want to share something here. It is a game called unnie doll. If you like character customization then you should try this game. You should also check this Plants vs Zombies Heroes guide especially if you are into strategy games.

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