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Translation help - Martial Arts Club

Unread postby WhiteTiger » December 4th, 2013, 5:04 pm

Does 풍백무술권 make any sense as a name for a Martial Arts school?

My club is trying to figure out how to translate our name, "Poong Baek Martial Arts Academy" into Korean.

Poong Baek 풍백 is a proper name, (he's apparently the wind spirit from the myth of Tangun) and we were told the Korean Word for martial arts is 무술 "mushu" like "wushu" in Chinese---since we don't teach ONLY Tae Kwon Do, (in fact, we teach Kung Fu) this is probably appropriate?

We were also told to use Kwon instead of 학교 hak-gyo? for school...I'm wondering how Korean martial arts clubs are, everything usually ends in "academy" or the name of the style that the school studies.

For example "Kang's Tae Kwon Do Academy". or "Plus Blossom Kung Fu"

I am wondering how schools are named in Korea... (For example, what would a Korean Tae Kwon Do club put on their uniform if they had the club name on it? If it were "Kang's Academy" would they just say "Kang's"?

Should we just call it 풍백무술 ? or 풍백무술권 ? or something totally different?

I don't want our club to get laughed out of tournaments. None of our instructors speak Korean very well, but we have a few Korean students--but I'm not sure they know enough to help very much...

Any insight would be appreciated!

Thank you!

- Aaron
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Re: Translation help - Martial Arts Club

Unread postby timeline » November 27th, 2022, 11:39 pm

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Re: Translation help - Martial Arts Club

Unread postby Michael Dube » December 22nd, 2022, 5:25 am

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