Hanword HWP files to MS Word .doc or .docx

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Hanword HWP files to MS Word .doc or .docx

Unread postby Frank Hoffmann » July 25th, 2013, 12:29 pm

Converting Hanword HWP files to MS Word .doc or .docx:

Hope this will help those working mostly with MS Word for text processing but receiving .hwp files from Korean colleagues.

Windows 7 & Windows 8:

Download and install Microsoft's new "HwpConverter" (free).

Mac OS X:


Step 1: Open the .hwp file on your Mac by double-clicking it.
(Precondition: you already installed the free "Hancom Office Hanword VIEWER" application, https://itunes.apple.com/kr/app/hancom-office-hanword-viewer/id416746898?mt=12)

Step 2: In the Hancom Viewer, go to "File" -> "Print..." --> now click on the "PDF" drop-down and choose "Save as PDF..." and give it a name.

Step 3: If you have Adobe Acrobat *Standard* or Adobe Acrobat *Pro*, then open the newly created (= converted to) PDF file in Acrobat, and here just go to "File" -> "Save As..." and choose "Word Document" as format for .docx, or "Word 97-2003" for the older .doc format, then save it.

Step 3: If you only have the free 'Reader' version of Acrobat, then use any other 3rd party tool to convert the just created PDF to MS Word, or use Nitro's free conversion tool (online, therefore NOT secure, do not use for personal documents or other docs you have concerns about):
Or quickly create your own conversion application on your Mac:


Another way to get HWP documents converted (on any platform) without having the full PC software package seems to join "Naver Cafe" (the blogging website from Naver.com). Within there you find a tool to convert HWP to MS Word.
That means you have to upload your documents … NOT a good solution as it is not secure.

--> How to join Naver Cafe for non-Korean residents -->

OPTIONS #3 and #4:

You could purchase the full version of the HWP Mac version, "한컴오피스 한글 2014 for Mac" for about $50 to $55 (ca. 60,000 Wŏn) at Hancom's home page for download (http://www.hancom.com/goods/goodsList.do?ctgr_seq=31&choice_ctgr_seq=34). Or, you could subscribe on a monthly or annual basis (presently ca. $4/month) to "Polaris Office" which allows the editing and converting of HWP docs with its "Basic" plan -- not so with the free plan (https://www.polarisoffice.com).
I M P O R T A N T : The *free* version of "Polaris Office" still functions as a READER app for HWP docs (no need to upload files anywhere, you can do this off-line on your desktop). And, other than Hancom's free Mac VIEWER app, when you do a "Select All" + "Copy" within an opened HWP file, and then do a simple "Paste" into an empty MS Word 2016 file, it seems that all the formatting is also copied over. This may well be the easiest method to convert a HWP file to a MS Word file (of course, you then still need to adjust page margins etc.).


Best wishes,
Frank Hoffmann
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Re: Hanword HWP files to MS Word .doc or .docx

Unread postby STRAITGATE » February 15th, 2019, 12:01 pm

Another option for Mac. After opening it up in the Hanscom hangeul viewer, select all and paste the text into a word document and save

Re: Hanword HWP files to MS Word .doc or .docx

Unread postby admin » February 23rd, 2019, 10:19 pm

Brief reply to STRAITGATE:
That suggestion does not really work ... only in the most simplistic way. When you do that you loose all formatting (even such basic formatting styles as Italics), and worse, you loose all footnotes in academic texts.

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Re: Hanword HWP files to MS Word .doc or .docx

Unread postby AlexAmazing » January 26th, 2022, 11:27 pm

Have you tried using Adobe Acrobat Pro?

Re: Hanword HWP files to MS Word .doc or .docx

Unread postby Joana » February 22nd, 2022, 10:16 pm

Thanks, Frank. It works perfectly with Mac.

Kind regards.

Re: Hanword HWP files to MS Word .doc or .docx

Unread postby jakelance » June 20th, 2022, 5:05 am

I want to learn korean. I've been watching drams to learn. How about you?

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