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Welcome on board!

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Dear Koreanists and Korea Enthusiasts:

»Everything Korean« is an unmoderated, informal, English language message board and forum for quick opinion exchanges, small talk, information exchange, and even advertisement postings. Other than the moderated »Korean Studies Internet Discussion List« (email list), also hosted at https://koreanstudies.com, this board is here to ask questions, share infos and talk about issues you may not want to "bother" 1500+ scholars with at the same time; you can e.g. ask or give tips on how to find housing in Seoul or just say a few sentences about an article you are impressed with.

Abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-orientated language and posts as well as obvious violations of U.S. or EU laws will not be tolerated.

Access, quoting posts, display of this board on other websites:
Other than https://koreanstudies.com/board.html you can also—probably better if e.g. accessing the board on a tabloid device of cell phone—go to the non-framed version at: index.php. At this 2nd URL you will also see the URLs to each thread displayed in your browser window (in case you need to refer to a thread or quote a posting). Finally, if you want to, please feel free to display this entire board on your own website (using the last mentioned URL and an 'iFrame' tag; minimal width 790 pixels); just note that this does not constitute any sort of 'cooperation' between koreanstudies.com, its administrator, and you or your institution.

Functional explanations:
- for now you can, if you want, reply to any postings WITHOUT having to register (except for the "Announcements" section) ... we'll see how this works out
- in order to start a new thread you will need to register (simple email verification); if registered you can also 'subscribe' to threads or categories (getting email notifications)
- all postings are immediate: if coming from a registered user, posts can later still be edited by that user (up to 7 days after original posting)—time and date of the last edit will be visible to all
- you can attach files (max. size 256 KB per file, max. 20 files per posting) and post images (max. size 560x560 pixels); YouTube videos can also be embedded into your text (details below)

IMAGES: Embedding images can be done in two ways.
(a) Display an image from another website within your own post: click the "Img" tab above the text box while composing your text and then just paste or type the link to the image file in between the tags.

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... and you get this result: Image

(b) Attach your own image file and display that in your post.
To do this, simply click on the "Upload attachment" tab below the text box and choose an image on your HDD. It will then be displayed at the end of your message. You can also comment it and place it within your text, wherever you want it displayed, using the "Place inline" tab that will appear after uploading.

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So it shows right here:
Detail from the leave "Lovers under the moon" (Wŏlha chŏngin 月下情人) in Sin Yun-bok's album, ca. 1805
Detail from the leave "Lovers under the moon" (Wŏlha chŏngin 月下情人) in Sin Yun-bok's album, ca. 1805
HyewonDETAIL.jpg (55.8 KiB) Viewed 56594 times
YOUTUBE VIDEOS: Embedding of YouTube videos anywhere in your post is very simple. Just click onto the "YouTube" tab, top right of the text box, then paste the full YouTube URL of a video in between the tags.

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That is how the result looks like ... here showing An Sŏng-hŭi (Ch'oe Sŭng-hŭi's daughter) in a 1956 Soviet movie, "Dagger Dance" (Танец с кинжалами):

That was it.

If this board should have any other functions, or this website, then please post your ideas and suggestions here. Everything is possible!

Frank Hoffmann