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The Korean Studies Review is published under the auspices of KoreanStudies, a moderated internet discussion list, and the Asian Studies Institute of the Victoria University of Wellington.  Stephen Epstein (Victoria University of Wellington) edits, with administrative assistance from Laila Faisal (Victoria University of Wellington), who also maintains the web pages.  This electronic review journal endeavours to provide timely reviews of the latest work in Korean Studies. In addition, we also work closely with a print partner, Acta Koreana; most of the book reviews that originally appear in Korean Studies Review eventually are published in Acta Koreana and vice versa.

We regularly post on KoreanStudies the titles of books that come in to us and seek qualified volunteers to undertake reviews in messages of 500 or more words.  Compensation for reviewers comes in the form of the book itself, along with undying fame and the eternal gratitude of the Korean Studies community.

All reviews are archived along with various other files (such as thesis abstracts, translations, and articles) and may be accessed via the Korean Studies discussion list's entry page at http://koreanstudies.com/ks/, but the easiest access to the reviews is through the Index on this cover page.

Permission to reproduce the reviews (which are © authors) may be broadly presumed, but we reserve the right to forbid specific uses we deem harmful to the best interests of the list or our home institutions.  Permission to retransmit or republish will be granted to noncommercial media on condition that copies of the retransmission are supplied to us.  For questions, send an email message to Stephen.Epstein@vuw.ac.nz.

Index of Reviews