[KS] Re: Using han'gul fonts

didier barbas db at ccifc.com
Thu Nov 23 09:33:45 EST 1995

>on 23/11/99 23:19, Kevin P. Parks Adv97 at
>Kevin.P.Parks.Adv97 at alum.dartmouth.org wrote (concerning exchange of messages
>between Macs and PCs):
> In my experience, this has only been possible by first saving as
> a text file.
Nope. I just read an e.mail on my Mac sent by a friend using a PC, and sent
back an answer. I usually works. Good e.mailers know how to switch to Korean
(ISO or EUC), and if not, you can help them to decide.
> I imagine that there are some problems, such as hanja that might
> be missing from the Mac Korean Language Kit, but i haven't encoutered
> it yet.  Then there is HWP mac, but i haven't gotten around to checking that
> out yet, though it sits on my desk waiting for the end of the term for
> install.
Right: when a file comes from HWP, there may be characters that are not
included in the Mac fonts (some /hanca/, Old Korean, /sektok.kwukyel/,
misc.). But as you mentioned, HWP 97 exists for Mac, works fine, and, if you
download the patch, you will even be able to input Old Korean (possible in
HWP 96, but the programmers a too many a cup of soju when they wrote
> There used to be something called Elixir for displaying
> Korea (not writing) and that was free and quite good for
> those who just wanted to see Korean files on their mac
> for free.  It had no input system so you still needed the localized
> MacOS or the KLK for creating documents.
If you don't have Mac OS 8.5 or 8.6, do install it. It comes with
emasculated Language Kits for Chinese (simplified and Taiwan), Korean and
Japanese. You can display correctly these languages, but not input them.
> Hope that this is helpful.
This too...
Didier Barbas


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