[KS] Re: undergrad programs - Korean language

David C. Kang David.C.Kang at Dartmouth.EDU
Thu Aug 20 13:26:16 EDT 1998

--- You wrote:
What's a strictly undergrad institution?  I.e., if SMith why not =
And if Wesleyan, why not undergads at Cornell, or Harvard, or...
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I don't know why Linda asked the question, but I do know that the =
distinguishing characteristic for us here at Dartmouth is that we =
have no graduate students. =20

As such, beginning a Korean language program here at Dartmouth has =
been extremely difficult, because we can't hope to sustain interest =
within the college or funding from outside the college by relying =
on graduate students.  This, despite strong demand and interest =
from undergrads.   No TAs, no PhDs to go off and make us famous, =


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