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Dear list members

As a English-Korean translator who majored in Korean literature, I am much interested in Henry Kim's list of Korea American novelists/novels. 
I have sent him a couple of letters but could not hear from him. (TheHenryKim at yahoo)
Does anyone know of his other e-mail address or contact numbers.
Any information on this subjects would be much appreciated.

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Subject: survey of Korean American novelists/novels

>hello -
>I'm thinking of putting together the first ever book on 
>Korean American novelists and their novels (I've compiled
>a list of all Korean American novels and novelists if 
>anybody would like a copy). I believe the following novelists
>are deceased - does anybody know how to contact their family,
>agent, etc.?
>EASURK EMSEN CHARR ("The Golden Mountain")
>PETER HYUN ("Man Sei!," "In the New World: The Making of
>a Korean American")
>YOUNGHILL KANG ("East Goes West")
>RICHARD E. KIM ("The Innocent," "Lost Names")
>RONYOUNG KIM ("Clay Walls")
>WILLYCE KIM ("Dead Heat," "Dancer Dawkins and the
>California Kid")
>INDUK PAHK ("September Monkey," "The Hour of the Tiger")
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