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Thomas Zeh thomaszeh at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 15 08:07:06 EST 1998

Hi everybody,

this is my first message to the list, actually the first time i am using 
a list at all and i am looking for some assistance for my final paper at 
the Political Science Department in Marburg.
I am writing about the current situation in North Korea and my main 
thesis is that the regime will collapse soon. As a consequence, South 
Korea might unify the country in an attempt to halt chaos, anarchy and 
mass migration. I like to focus mainly on two aspects, the first one is 
the reaction of the main actors, such as China, Russia, Japan and the US 
and the second aspect is what South Korea can learn from German 
It would be a great help for me to find out if there are other 
scientists or projects dealing with a similar topic (i have heard about 
a project in Berlin, but don't have any details).
Thank you for all your replies

Thomas Zeh

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