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Tue Dec 15 17:23:34 EST 1998

>send inquiries to nancyh at lnx.org.  --lynn
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>Date: Mon, 14 Dec 1998 17:26:18 -0800
>From: Michele Cloonan <mcloonan at ucla.edu>
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>Subject: Re: Helping hand?
>>I work at the Glendale Public Library.  We received a grant from the
>>State of California to develop web pages in Armenian and Korean.  I
>>understand that we may be able to use XML to display the fonts for these
>>languages, which would save users the steps of downloading fonts and
>>configuring their browsers.  Since XML is still being standardized, we
>>are having a difficult time finding people who are familiar with XML.
>>We are looking for someone to help us get over the initial learning
>>curve.  We would take care of all of the actual programming.
>>So...I was wondering if the LIS department had anyone who might be able
>>to help us.  Perhaps there is a faculty members who knows XML and would
>>be willing to give us a helping hand.
>>Let me know at your convenience
>>Thank you.
>>Nancy Hunt-Coffey
>>Automation Services Coordinator
>>Glendale Public Library
>Michele V. Cloonan
>Chair & Associate Professor
>Department of Library & Information Science
>2320 Moore Hall
>Box 95-1521
>Los Angeles, CA 90095-1521
>(310) 206-9364
>(310) 206-3076 (fax)
>mcloonan at ucla.edu


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