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Editorial Staff kahs at arkay-intl.com
Fri Jul 10 19:45:25 EDT 1998


I would recommend you contact Bruce or Ju-Chan Fulton for a review as they
have extensive experience translating Korean literature and poetry, and
would likely be familiar with these authors.

Bruce Fulton
Director of Publications
2210 E. Calhoun St.
Seattle, WA  98112

Main Phone:  206-325-2838, xt. 
Fax:  206-325-2838

Barring them, you might try Sam Solberg at the University of Washington
(ssolberg at u.washington.edu) for suggestions. He is a scholar of Asian/Asian
American literature, and knows others in the field.

Best Regards,
Matthew Benuska

>I've arranged for the following recently listed books of Korean poetry in
>translation to be made available to reviewers for KSR.  If interested,
>please contact me.  Also, please note that a review copy of JaHyun
>Haboush's _Memoirs of Lady Hyegy=F4ng_ is still up for grabs.
>>>*The Early Lyrics 1941-1960: Poems by So Chong-Ju (Midang)*
>>>Translated and Introduced by Brother Anthony of Taiz=E9
>>>Bilingual edition, copublished with DapGae Printing Co.
>>>No. 90  1998, 306 pp., 1-855445-90-3 $17 pb. only
>>>Poetry by Chong Hyon-jong
>>>Translated by Wolhee Choe and Peter Fusco
>>>No. 94, 1998, 128 p., 1-885445-54-7 $22 hc, 1-885445-94-6 $14 pb.
>>>*The Snow Falling on Chagall's Village*
>>>Poems of Kim Ch'un-Su
>>>Translated by Kim Jong-Gil
>>>No. 93, 1998, 104 p., 1-885445-53-9 $22 hc, 1-885445-93-8 $14 pb.


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