[KS] Re: Korean newspaper clippings

Editorial Staff kahs at arkay-intl.com
Thu Jul 16 13:28:00 EDT 1998

I agree.  There is so much interesting content available that it is very
tempting to post it to inform others about one's discovery. As a moderator
for a professional organization's newsgroup I encounter this all the time.

However, we should really excercise self-restraint to just posting
summaries, with comments and contact information for people who are
interested to follow-up.  Otherwise, members of this newsgroup will become
so flooded with information that they will be prompted to unsubscribe.

On the reveicer's end of this, many email programs now support filters,
which can be used to automatically route email into folders.  For example, I
have a filter which looks for email addressed to
"korean-studies at mailbase.ac.uk" and then routes it all to a "korean-studies"
folder I set up.

--Matthew Benuska

>Dear list,
>it's not that I would mind to be given hints at interesting korean
>newspaper articles, but too much is too much. This morning I found
>_eight_ complete articles in my in-box. I'd rather be given a _short_
>notice on the content of an article, and the URL where it can be found,
>than the article itself.
>Please consider whether this type of information could be handled in a
>content+URL manner.


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