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Yi Song-mi yism at aks.ac.kr
Tue Jul 7 22:09:44 EDT 1998

Dear List members,

With the opening of a permanent Korean art gallery (Arts of Korea
Gallery) at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, the museum published
a much needed book in English on Korean art,  ARTS OF KOREA.

Contributors (in the order of appearance of essays in the book)
   Best, W. Jonathan, "Profile of the Korean Past" 
   Chung Yang-mo, "The Art of Korean Potter: From the Neolithic Period
to the Choson Dynasty"
   Kim Lena, "Tradition and Transformation in Korean Buddhist Sculpture"
   Ahn Hwi-joon, "The Origin and Development of Landscape Painting in
   Yi Song-mi, "Artistic Tradition and the Depiction of Reality:
True-view Landscape Painting of the Choson Dynasty"
   Kim Hong-nam, "An Kyon and the Eight Views Tradition: An Assessment
of Two Landscapes in the Metropolitan Museum of Art"

	Coordinating Editor: Judith Smith
	Entries by Anna H. Suh

     512 pages with 100 color plates and many black and white figures
for the essays.
   Price: $50. (a true bargain!)
   Can be purchased through the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1000 Fifth
Avenue, New york, N.Y. 10028

   Pak Young-sook, "The Korean Art Collection in the Metropolitan Museum
of Art"


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