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Daniel BOUCHEZ bouchez at ext.jussieu.fr
Mon Jul 6 11:26:12 EDT 1998

>Dear all,
>I would like to ask for information on the Daewoo business group.
>1) There is a 1995 120 page in-depth study of the Daewoo group in French.
>Does somebody by any chance have an idea where I could find this rather
>elusive work? Librarians at the Staatsbibliothek Berlin are having terrible
>headaches locating it but I need it desperately. The Bibliographie national=
>francaise gave this citation:
>Le groupe Daewoo / Direction des relations =E9conomiques ext=E9rieures ; Po=
>d'expansion =E9conomique de S=E9oul ; [r=E9d. par Claude Genetay ; sous la
>direction de Francois Cotier]. - Paris: Ed. du CFCE, 1995. - 121 p. (etc.)
>ISBN 2-279-47207-4
>2) I am sure there are similar Korean language works on the Daewoo group. I
>would be most grateful for any citations in this direction because it will
>be some time before I can visit Korea again and sniff around myself.
>3) The literature I currently have is mostly very positive on Daewoo and it=
>chairman, Kim Woo-Choong. I would be happy therefore to receive hints in
>which direction I should look to find some less wholesome aspects to their
>strategy, their work, or whatever. Please do not send general criticisms on
>chaebol as a genre but detailed accusations of specific Daewoo (or Kim
>Woo-Choong's)-misdeeds (or sources where I can find them). I would be
>interested, for example, in their relations with labor unions.
>4) In addition to point 3), I would also be happy to receive any citations
>to works on Daewoo or Kim Woo-Choong in either German, English, French,
>Italian, or Japanese. If there is an important work in any other language,
>please -- if you can -- tell me what you consider to be the particular meri=
>of that study.
>Thank you.
>Sohn Hyun-U ( sohn at berlin.snafu.de )

Dear Mr Sohn,
       The book on Daewoo is published by the CFCE, which means : Centre
francais du commerce exterieur. The address is : 10 avenue d'Iena, 75116
Paris, tel. 01.4073.3000, fax 01.4073.3979. The bookshop (librairie) number
is 01.4073.3146. Good luck.

        Ciao. Daniel BOUCHEZ <bouchez at ext.jussieu.fr>=20


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