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sungjong.paik at uni-tuebingen.de sungjong.paik at uni-tuebingen.de
Fri Oct 2 10:38:24 EDT 1998

yi kiyOng's son, yi chonhhyOk, is very successful in north korea, today.
he is chief of "at'ae p'yOnghwa wiwOnhoe" and recently was visited by
president of chungang ilbo in seoul. and of course, works of yi kiyOng
were published also in seoul several years ago. hope, succes with your

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Stewart wrote:
> I am about to start my master's thesis on the socialist author Yi Ki Yeong.
> I would appreciate any correspondence on him and also I would really
> appreciate hearing from anyone woh could tell me how easy it is to get
> information from DPRK and to enter into correspondence with scholars in that
> country. Thanx
> Iain Stewart


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