[KS] Re: Book on Kwangju

Linda S. Lewis llewis at wittenberg.EDU
Thu Oct 8 10:32:46 EDT 1998

Sorry - I should have mentioned this is my earlier posting.  The original
is of course in Korean - and actually, a Japanese translation was done in
the late 1980s.  This new version is an English-language translation.

Linda Lewis

On Thu, 8 Oct 1998, Kenneth R. Robinson wrote:

> Bryan,
> Sorry, don't have any info.  But the title would suggest that it is in
> Korean.  To be used in Korean Studies classes where?
> KR
> >I received in the mail this week a letter advertizing a book entitled
> >Ch'uk Eul Nom O Sit'ae ui O T'um Ul Nomo or Kwangju Diary: Beyond Death,
> >Beyond The Darkness Of The Age. The book is supposed to have been written
> >by Jae-Ui Lee and contain an Intro by Bruce Cumings and a section by Tim
> >Shorrock. The letter was from Kap Su Seol and Nick Mamatas and they claim 
> >that several professors are planning on using the book in Korean Studies
> >courses. Does anyone know anything about this book?
> >
> >Thank you,
> >
> >Bryan Ross
> >History Dept.
> >Univ. of Hawaii


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