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Walter K. Lew Lew at HUMnet.UCLA.EDU
Thu Oct 8 02:22:24 EDT 1998

The novelist Hwang SOk-yOng wrote a very similarly titled and well-known
book on Kwangju: _ChugUm-Ul nOmO sidae Ui Odum-ul nOmO, Kwangju 5 wOl
minjung hangjaeng Ui kirok_ (Seoul: P'ul pit, 1985), but I don't know if
this is the same book or not.  (It was edited by the ChOnnam sahoe undong
hyOpUi hoe.)

Walter K. Lew

>Sorry, don't have any info.  But the title would suggest that it is in
>Korean.  To be used in Korean Studies classes where?
>>I received in the mail this week a letter advertizing a book entitled
>>Ch'uk Eul Nom O Sit'ae ui O T'um Ul Nomo or Kwangju Diary: Beyond Death,
>>Beyond The Darkness Of The Age. The book is supposed to have been written
>>by Jae-Ui Lee and contain an Intro by Bruce Cumings and a section by Tim
>>Shorrock. The letter was from Kap Su Seol and Nick Mamatas and they claim
>>that several professors are planning on using the book in Korean Studies
>>courses. Does anyone know anything about this book?
>>Thank you,
>>Bryan Ross
>>History Dept.
>>Univ. of Hawaii


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