[KS] Re: Help re. Kangwon University

Chulhee Chung chulchng at moak.chonbuk.ac.kr
Wed Oct 21 21:29:28 EDT 1998

The homepage of the Univesity is as follows; hope that you will manage to
locate his e-mail address.

goodwin wrote:

> Greetings!
> I've been trying to track down an e-mail address for an individual I met
> socially while living in Seoul in 1996. His name is Shin Joong Sop. He
> teaches in the Faculty of Education at Kangwon University. Can anybody
> help me? If you can, please respond to me (vs. the list)!
> Thanks so much.
> Michael Goodwin (Toronto)
> P.S. Kangwon University has, of course, a home page and I did check it!
> Unfortunately, it's not interactive and it doesn't provide info for all
> departments.

Chulhee Chung                  Department of Sociology
Assistant Professor              Chonbuk National University
82-652-270-2920                 Dukjin-ku
(fx)270-2921                     Chonju 561-756 South Korea


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