[KS] Re: El Nino

Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at fas.harvard.edu
Mon Sep 14 22:40:48 EDT 1998

Hi Michael, don't know if this helps, but there are several recent 'Korea
Herald' and 'Choson ilbo' articles:
(probably more than these above)

>>Floods, drought and other weather anomalies caused by the El Nino weather
>>phenomenon have killed 16 people and cost [South] Korea about 200 billion
>>won ($144 million) since April 1997, government officials estimated
>>yesterday. (...)<<


>A student of mine is trying to find some information about the
>effects of El Nino in Korea, and unfortunately I am not able to help
>him much.  Do any of you know of anything that has been written in
>English on this topic?
>--Michael Allen
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