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Don Shin to2003 at shinbiro.net
Tue Sep 1 01:02:49 EDT 1998

Dear Gary,

Thank you again.
I also appreciated your reply about 'kimchi-thousand years'. I liked that
book too.
So, you're a translator too. It's nice that the first friend in
Korean -Studies is a translator in my language pair.
I have published 15 books and translated hundreds of film and TV
Please don't hesitate to ask me if you can't think of any help from me.

Best Regards,

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Á¦¸ñ: Re: McCune-Reischauer question

Dear Don,

I don't know of any site on the Internet that offers a complete
explanation of the McCune-Reischauer system of romanizing Korean. However,
the Royal Asiatic Society (Korean Branch) published a thorough explanation
of the system many years ago which is still available from them. A fellow
named Scott Talkington works at their office here. If you send him an
email message with your name and address, I'm sure they'd send you a copy.
You might have to pay some mailing fee. Scott's email address is
<s46049 at soback.kornet.nm.kr>. I hope this helps.

Gary Rector

On Sat, 29 Aug 1998, Don Shin wrote:

> Could you tell me where I can find the regulation /information about
> McCune-Reischaue on the net?
> I've checked with a couple of search engines but they all seem to have
> pieces of information.


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