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HOLLEE MCGINNIS holleem at usa.net
Mon Apr 5 17:09:42 EDT 1999

Dear Henny - thanks for responding to my message on the korean-studies list
server. Are you adopted from Korea? I was adopted from Korea when I was three
in a half and raised in the suburbs of New York City. I started a group for
intercountry adoptees called "also-known-as" - one of the links on your page!!
(www.akaworld.org). Greetings!!

Are you from the Netherlands? Have you worked with adoptees there? I know a
few European adoptees but not many. Besides our website we started a
mentorship program and magazine called TransCultured with the purpose of
chronicaling the adoption life journey. Would you be interested in writing for

Again I look forward to hearing from you!

With warm regards,

hollee mcginnis als-known-as Lee Hwa Young

also-known-as, inc.
PO Box 6037
FDR Station
New York NY 10050
212 386 9201

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