[KS] Re: seeking translator and help with new fellowship

Jacqueline Pak JP10 at soas.ac.uk
Wed Apr 28 10:03:35 EDT 1999

Dear List,

Junghee Lee's acquaintance with Dr. So's family in Seoul is most 
interesting. A welcome news.  I would have thought that they were 
executed as the immediate relations as "a traitor" after the Kapsin 

In the Collection, I have come across many of his family letters 
and documents related to family matters and affairs in America and 
the grandson was mentioned in a number of occasions.  I was not 
making an "argument" so much as an obvious observation from the 
private papers.  Undoubtedly, more discoveries and discussions are 
needed on Dr. So than we have now.

Jacqueline Pak


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