[KS] Re: seeking translator and help with new fellowship

Joshua Margolis jmargoli at nimbus.ocis.temple.edu
Mon Apr 26 17:17:11 EDT 1999

The address is correct. So is the one in Media, PA given previously. The
Broad Street address is a community/medical center. The Media address is
more of a memorial. Interesting observation of the tone of the biography.
That's the same impression I got when doing some volunteer work at the
community center.


> Dear Mr. Kim,
> I have an address for the Philip Jaisohn Memorial Foundation but
> do not know if it is still current.  Anyway:
> 4818 N. Broad Street,
> Philadelphia, PA 19141
> This foundation published <Philip Jaisohn, the First Korean-
> American: A Forgotten Hero>, by Channing Liem (Im Ch'annyOng) in 1984.
> This biography takes a rather worshipful and hagiographical approach to SO
> Chaep'il's life, but does quote a lot of his letters, etc.  I got a copy
> of it from the above address around 1992.
> G Ledyard


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