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The following is from an editorial in the 8/23/99 issue of the Korea
Herald. Has anyone heard of "The Institute for Research in
Collaborationist Activities" and where you can order their publications?

Thank you,

Bryan Ross

    The Korea Herald

 [Commentary] Facing our history as it was


                                                                In this
regard, the latest private movement to shed light on this blurred page
of 20th century Korean history deserves greater attention from the
public. The Institute for Research in Collaborationist Activities said
last week that over 10,000 professors of 116 universities and colleges
across the country have signed up for publication of a "who's who of
pro-Japanese collaborators." Director Kim Pong-u and his colleagues at
the Seoul-based institute confess they are amazed by the enthusiastic
response from the  academics who in the past have mostly been silent on
the issue.

 The institute plans to publish an encyclopedia of some 3,000 people who
assisted the Japanese during the colonial period in 10 volumes over the
next three years. About 300 historians will work on the project which
will cost three billion won. Scheduled to be completed by 2002, the list
will be the first comprehensive collection of documents about this
highly sensitive aspect of modern Korean history, which still does not
raise much concern in many people, including mainstream historians, half
a century after the nation regained its independence.

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