[KS] RE: KSR 1999-04: _Korea: Division, Reunification, & U.S. Foreign Policy_, by Martin Hart-Landsberg

Kevin Parent kchoi at students.depaul.edu
Sun Aug 8 11:12:36 EDT 1999

carlwebb at asiafind.com passed on the following article to us:

> http://www.dailybruin.ucla.edu/DB/issues/97/04.09/view.yuk.html
> Truth about U.S. atrocities in South Korea must be exposed
> Cold War-era massacres by American soldiers kept under wraps for 40 years

Okay, this was an interesting read, and I certainly wouldn't say that 
it couldn't have happened, but I currently have no reason to either 
believe it or disbelieve it. Where did the author get his information? 
If this story has been hidden for so many years, surely we're 
entitled to to know how the author got to the bottom of it. How can I 
know the story hasn't been embellished with each retelling, with 
the number of dead people rising each time?

I'm not being cynical. The story itself seems plausible and it 
probably wouldn't take much to make me believe it, but it will take 
more than just the story itself.



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